What Size is PEX for the Shower? Expert Recommendations!

what size pex for shower

With the next expansions of technology and the world, we have opted for many options for every aspect of life, including constructing our homes. Thus one of the most vital construction projects that could be done in any construction is the toilet, and the bathroom construction, including the showers, consisting of hundreds of pipelines, elbows and more and more. The history story has records of copper pipelines that have been connected with elbow joints and many t joints. However, with the expansion of technology, we were introduced to PEX, which can also be used for plumbing in the shower. Thus through this article, we will discuss: what size PEX is for a shower.

What Is PEX?

Before diving into the accurate sizes of Pex that should be used in your shower, we will discuss the definition of PEX. PEX is the common abbreviation of cross-linked polyethene, which also appears with the names XPE and XLPE, which means that PEX pipes can also be known as XPE and XLPE.

This device is prominently used in construction, mainly for pipe works, insulation for high voltage electrical cables, baby play mats, radiant heating and cooling system and also for domestic water plumbing systems.

PEX also has other alternatives, which PEX replaced according to many pros of PEX itself. PEX became an alternative for Polyvinyl chloride, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and copper tubes used for water pipes.

Why Is Pex Used for Shower Plumbing?

The utilization of PEX has become a new trend with its invention, highlighting that the PEX assuredly has many pros over other alternatives we mentioned above.

While the PVC and CPVC couldn’t go around the room without installing several joints and elbows, PEX can go around the rooms continuously with fewer joints and elbow joints. Moreover, one can carry the PEX in longer tracks using Joists and studs.

Unlike other alternatives, Pex pipes can embrace high humidity conditions without damaging the pipework of the construction together.

Furthermore, PEX pipes resist high humidity, freezing solidity, and bursting. Therefore PEX is used for shower plumbing due to all the pros mentioned above, with the joint being easier on PEX.

What Kind of PEX Do I Need for a Shower?

There are three main types of PEX pipes which are,

  • Non-oxygen barrier PEX.
  • Oxygen Barrier PEX.
  • Aluminum Barrier PEX.

Moreover, these three types of Pex consist of different variations of PEX which are,

  • PEX- A
  • PEX- B
  • PEX- C

The only difference between these PEX variations is the materials used in the manufacturing process. However, when these variations get bundled up with the above three types, there are significant pros and cons of utilizing each for many purposes.

When the discussion is about installing showers, we typically use the Non-Oxygen barrier PEX which is consisted of PEX-A and PEX-B.

What PEX Size Is Best for Shower Valves and Faucets?

There are many PEX sizes from which you can choose for your residential shower. Thus, this section will discuss the most accurate PEX sizes that suit your shower. Two main sizes of PEX have been used for showers over the years. Those are

  • ½ inch Pex pipe
  • and ¾ inch Pex pipe.

When it comes to the 12-inch Pex pipe, it is the most used Pex pipe in the market for shower piping. With its slimmer body and sleek design, this size makes it easier to construct the connection even in tighter places. Moreover, the ½ inch PEX pipe is much cheaper than the larger versions of the PEX as well.

Then the ¾-inch pipe is often used for heavy-duty showers with multiple water outlets (rain showerheads, body sprays). The diameter of the ¾ Pex is large, resulting in the increment of the water flow, which also ensures a constant water pressure.

What Size PEC Drop Ear Do I Use For Shower Installation

What Size PEC Drop Ear Do I Use For Shower Installation?

The determination of the size of the PEX can be quite complicated as it could differ due to many circumstances. Thus in this segment, we will see the most accurate size for the shower if you are using PEX.

However, before we determine the size of the PEX for the shower, the size could vary according to the manifold system, PEX diameter and the water pressure and flow requirements.

Thus considering all these factors, the most accurate PEX sizing for a shower, which will more often appear in ¾ inch diameter, will be ½ inch and the ¾ inch diameter PEX.

What Factors Determine the Right PEX Size for a Shower?

Many factors help the customer and the professional determine the right size of the Pex, which we will discuss and delve into through this segment. Therefore we invite our dear readers to stay tuned to acknowledge those factors affecting the size of the PEX.

First of all, the diameter of the shower and the type of shower head becomes a huge consideration before the PEX size, as the Pex must be able to endure the shower and the shower head.

Then the water flow according to the customer’s liking must be considered. Moreover, the placement of the shower also will affect the water flow if it goes upwards or downwards, which will affect the PEX size as well.

Then as we mentioned before, the water pressure is another point to consider before installing the PEX with accurate sizing.

How Does Water Pressure Influence PEX Size Choice for Showers?

As we mentioned earlier, many factors will affect the determination of the Pex size compatible with the showers. Thus some of those factors are the diameter of the shower and the PEX, water flow, and the water pressure we will discuss in this section.

If you fail to choose the correct PEX size, you might risk the water pressure being excessive or tranquil.

Thus if the PEX pipe size is smaller, the water pressure will be excessive, and if the PEX size is bigger, the water pressure will be tranquil. Therefore you must ensure that you find the accurate PEX size compatible with the shower diameter.

Is 1/2 Pex Big Enough For Shower?

The most straightforward answer to this question is YES. ½ PEX is big enough for a shower, and ½ PEX are the most common PEX used for showers in modern times, which makes it able to supply an accurate water flow and pressure.

These PEX pipes will be normally installed in the water source, and the shower value goes into the PEX installation to the shower heads.

This PEX size is compatible with modern designs, which can be in tighter spaces. Furthermore, this PEX size option is cost-effective considering other larger Pex sizes on the market, which are highly expensive.

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