How Much Does a Cast Iron Tub Weigh? What You Need To Know!

how much does a cast iron tub weigh

After a busy working week, we all agree that the best relaxation that soothes our minds is an hourly bath with a bath bomb of your favorite fragrance. The bathtub in your shower area is a main installation that you must carefully select, referring to many factors. The size, cost, material, and additional features are some to be considered. Weight also comes as a significant concern because it determines the place of the installation. How much does a cast iron tub weigh? If you are searching the market to buy an elegant cast iron bathtub, this must be a familiar question. Continue the reading! We have the answer for you. 

What is a Cast Iron Tub?

In manufacturing, cast iron tub uses a combination of porcelain and cast iron, and later on, the structure is coated with an enamel layer. Cast iron tubs are considered the most durable type of bathtub that is in use and is assumed to last a lifetime. The history of these types dates back to the 1880s. The bathtub is free of chips due to the protective enamel layer and needs less maintenance. Cleaning is also easier with this material. If you have decided to install a cast iron tub in your shower, there is nothing to fear about the cracking too. 

How Much Does a Cast Iron Tub Weigh?

Cast iron is a relatively heavier material than the other varieties in the market. The weight depends on its size. We can expect a cast iron tub to be in the range of 350 – 500 pounds when it is not filled with water. 

You must be extra cautious when transporting this kind of heavy tub because if the surface it rests on does not have enough stability, it will damage the surface and sometimes fall down, making a huge mess.

The weight of a bathtub directly impacts the place where it can be kept. If the material is a heavier type, you have to consider the total weight it possesses when you fill it with water. The average weight of your family members is a measurement to be added to the total weight. If your flooring material does not have enough strength to bear that total weight, you definitely will come across a tight spot. Although there are minor chances of falling the tub from the ceiling, there is a potential risk of damaging some lighter flooring like wood and plywood. 

Therefore, when installing a cast iron tub, you will have to add additional reinforcement for flooring. Often acrylic and stone resin is used to add an extra supportive surface. Additional noggins fixed for the joists will do the job perfectly if you have wooden flooring. Most of the joists would need to be doubled. If it is the basement where the new installation takes place, you will not have to add extra support. We suggest that you take the support of a professional to examine the strength of your flooring. 

How Do you Move a Cast Iron Tub?

Cast iron tubs are the strongest option you could purchase, although those are a bit more expensive than the other materials. One of the drawbacks of cast iron tubs is their excessive weight. But if you know the correct technique, there is no magic in moving a cast iron tub. You can hand over the task to a moving company, but it will cost you a minimum of $250. If you want to do it yourself, read the following instructions before you begin the work. 

  • You will need a hand cart or a dolly for this task. Tie the cast iron tub to the cart with strong straps. To avoid chipping, you can get a support of a plywood surface. 
  • You can use an inclined plane to move the cart if there are steps in your doorway. 
  • If there is a staircase to be passed, you can use a pulley that can bear like 2000 lbs. Connect the pulley to the bathtub with strong straps. 
  • If you have helpers, you could lift it with three people. 
  • If you need to locate the tub in another location on a flat surface, two 2×4 s placed under the tub will make you move the tub by pulling. In this method, do it slowly so as not to chip or crack. 

How Much Does an Old Cast Iron Tub Weigh?

The minimum weight of a cast iron tub will be about 250 pounds. Some tubs may weigh around 500 pounds. The weight will depend on the size of the tub. As cast iron is a versatile material, there are many size options in the market. The specialty in cast iron is the presence of a non-wearing material with time. A quality tub would last a lifetime without any cracks or peeling if maintained properly. 

How Heavy is a Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub?

You can expect a weight between 200 – 400 pounds if you are willing to purchase a clawfoot tub made of cast iron. Clawfoot tubs tend to be a heavier model, in general. 

Although there are many other options for clawfoot tubs, cast iron has been able to maintain the demand over the centuries because of some unique qualities. The ability to retain the heat of hot water you fill the tub, the durability over decades, and the minor percentage of peeling and cracking are some major highlights. 

How Much does a Kohler Cast Iron Tub Weight?

There are many sizes of Kohler bathtubs made of cast iron. Therefore, the weight may vary. Generally, you can expect a weight between 250 – 500 pounds as cast-iron tubs are the heaviest among the options available in the market. 

For instance, the Kohler Villager tub, which has a capacity of 33 gallons, weighs 316 lbs. (143.3 kg) 

How Much Does a 5 ft Cast Iron Bathtub Weigh?

A 5 ft cast iron bathtub would weigh around 300 lbs. This is a higher value than porcelain or an acrylic bathtub with similar measurements. This is because cast iron is the heaviest of all bathtub materials. But a cast iron tub is the wisest investment of all time in the means of durability, maintenance, non-damaging walls, etc.  

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