What Size Curtains for Sliding Glass Door? Find Your Fit!

what size curtains for sliding glass door

So, it’s time for curtains now, but what size curtains for your sliding glass door? If you are in the process of choosing curtains for your glass door, especially the size, this guide will be super helpful. Let’s start. 

What Size Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors?

The ideal size of curtains for your sliding glass doors usually extends a few inches above your door frame and at least four to six inches on either side of your door’s width.

Standard sliding doors typically measure around 80 inches in height and range from 60 to 72 inches in width, but the dimensions can vary.

When considering the curtain size, it’s essential to go beyond the basic measurements for an optimal fit.

The additional space ensures the sliding glass door curtains can be drawn back fully, maximizing the natural light and allowing unobstructed access to the door.

Lengthwise, the curtains should at least kiss the floor or pool slightly for a more traditional and dramatic effect.

For the width of the sliding glass door curtains, a good rule of thumb is that the curtains should be two to two and a half times the width of the actual door.

This means that for a 72-inch door, you’d look at curtain panels that total in the range of 144 to 180 inches wide combined.

This ensures full coverage with the desired “gather” when the curtains are closed, contributing to a more luxurious, fuller appearance.

Ultimately, the size of the curtains will also reflect your room’s design and your personal style, whether opting for a sleek, modern look with straight lines that just brush the floor or a more classic style with generous fabric folds that gracefully pool on the ground, the curtain size can transform the ambiance of your space while enhancing your privacy and light control

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