Does Raid Kill Maggots? Effectiveness of Raid in Maggot Elimination!

does raid kill maggots

Larvae have been an annoying species since day one in history, for humanity is trying to live peacefully without all sorts of bugs and insects roaming around them. However, to this day, the issue of larvae appearing has not disappeared from the living surfaces of the earth. Hence why modern science, technology, and wise humans have invented insect killer sprays like Raid. However, the question remains: does Raid kill maggots? Thus through this article, we will be exploring the properties of Raid and its efficiency on maggots. We will begin the discussion by introducing our readers to the Raid and the functioning of the Raid until we close up the discussion by exploring things that kill maggots instantly.

What is Raid, and How does It Work?

Before we figure out whether a raid kills maggots, we are going to get into the definition and the initial background of the Raid, and the functionality of the Raid.

Primarily Raid is a brand name that stands out in the global market as an insecticide product manufactured by S.C. Johnson & Son.

The brand name and the products saw its first ray of sunlight in 1956, with its most active ingredient being allethrin.

Raid is well known for its ability to kill most domestic insects with direct contact with the Raid. Moreover, it can remove insects like mosquitoes, moths, ants, and spiders for up to 2 hours, even with them touching a raid sprayed surface.

Are Maggots Harmful?

If they do not interact directly with the human body in any way possible, Maggots will not cause harm. Simply the mere existence of the larvae will never harm anyone. However, suppose someone is intentionally or unintentionally exposed to maggots for a very long time.

In that case, they will have to go through severe dangers which could be life-changing and are never positive. Some of the life-changing dangers of maggots are severe skin infections, allergic reactions, myiasis, and high fever.

Moreover, ingesting maggots and maggot-invested food will cause stomachaches and food poisoning accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea.

Moreover, these creatures could cause difficulty breathing, deafness, blindness, and facial edema. Furthermore, ingesting maggots will cause uncontrollable weight loss, random pains throughout the body, anosmia, and epidemic conjunctivitis.

Does Raid Kill Maggots?

Now as we have discussed the definitions of the Raid and the potential functionality of the Raid, moving on to the dangerous causes of interacting with maggots, in this segment, we will be directing our attention toward the topic of whether the Raid can kill larvae or not.

Well, the most straightforward answer to this question is YES. Raid does kill maggots. However, the Raid is not meant to kill larvae as it is manufactured destruction towards many mature insects or, more often, for flies.

Yet, with the potent chemicals and toxins used to produce the Raid, there is a massive chance of killing maggots through those chemicals.

However though the Raid can indeed kill larvae, it will not kill them instantly. It will take about 30 minutes to kill the larvae completely.

Therefore if you are questioning the procedure, just wait and see; with Raid, you can eliminate maggots.

How Long does a Raid Take to Kill Maggots

How Long does a Raid Take to Kill Maggots?

As we have mentioned above, the Raid cannot kill the larvae instantly. Raid is an insecticide that professionalizes to ensure that more mature flies are killed.

However, it is a possibility to kill maggots using Raid as well. Nonetheless, it is vital to acknowledge that it may take 30 to 40 minutes to kill the larvae completely.

Thus you may need to wait for the Raid to take matters into its own hands and ensure that you are free of the issues of maggots. Thus be patient and wait for the Raid to do its job, which will leave you with no maggots in no time other than a maximum of 30 minutes.

Can Maggots be Killed with Fly Spray?

Raid as an insecticide might leave you with a conflict of figuring out whether it is possible to kill maggots with fly spray. Well, for your information, the Raid is also a fly spray that is specifically built to kill mature flies.

Thus it is, in fact, possible to kill maggots with fly spray. After using fly spray on larvae, you may also consider using a pesticide to kill the upcoming and ingrowing eggs of maggots.

However, when using all these chemicals, it will be better to use a mask and safety precautions, as inhaling those could also harm the human body.

What Can you Spray to Kill Maggots?

You could use many options to kill larvae, which will be discussed in this segment before we get into the FAQs. First of all, as we mentioned before, Raid is an option that you could take on.

Thus insecticides are an option that could be followed with a pesticide to kill the eggs and the remaining bits of maggots. Moreover, you could utilize Permethrin and Synthetic Pyrethroids to kill maggots.

Furthermore, you may also need to spray those surrounding the maggot’s home for better outputs. However, ensure that you are not directly contacting these chemicals, as they will also harm you.


How Long Do Maggots Live?

Maggots are an intermediate part of a fly’s life cycle, which lasts only a few days. Therefore, maggots are only known to live in the so-called annoying “maggots” version for about 8 to 10 days. After the maggot version, they will be transformed into pupal, turning into flies. Thus maggots will only last for 8 to 10 days. Therefore, if you use Raid, use them before they become flies.

Does Alcohol Spray Kill Maggots?

It may be adequate to use rubbing alcohol or alcohol spray on maggots. The answer to this question is yes. With the anti-bacterial feature of the alcohol sprays and the rubbing alcohols, they can kill maggots. Therefore you can put some alcohol spray or some rubbing alcohol on a piece of cloth and just wipe the trials and the maggots off of the area that is invested with maggots.

What Kills Maggots Instantly?

There are many ways to kill maggots instantly, which will be presented to you in this segment. Thus you could use materials that are simple as boiling water on maggots. Alternatively, you could use vinegar solution on maggots or some rock salt on maggots to kill them. Also, you can use diatomaceous earth on maggots which will kill the maggots instantly.

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