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What Is Skirt Steak Called In The Grocery Store

The piece of skirt steak would do the trick whether you’re creating fajitas for visitors or a steak dish for the family’s meals. It is owing to its meaty flavour and high nutritional value. On the other hand, a skirt steak may be tough to come by in your local supermarket. A number knows this cut of beef by various names, and different stores may sell it under another title. So you want to know what is skirt steak called in grocery store?

Quick Answer:  Skirt steak is also known as London Broil, and there are a few more comparable steaks. Although it’s typically referred to as skirt steak, beef flank steak is not the same as skirt steak.

Here’s a review of the primary reasons you should try skirt steak for your next dinner. And a list of different names for this sort of meat.

What Is Skirt Steak?

The inside and outer skirts are long, flattened muscles with a reasonably thick grain that spans the length of the body. After they’ve got cut, these thin slabs of flesh can be 20 to 24 inches long and 3 to 4 inches wide.

Since each side of beef only has two skirt steaks, one on the inside and one on the outside, nearly every outside skirt from each meat side ends up in a professional kitchen. So, if you ever see skirt steak at the meat shop, it’s almost certainly an inside skirt.

The outside skirt gets covered in a membrane that you must remove before preparing. If the meat has indeed been dry-aged, the membrane will be paper-like and readily peel away.

Because the membrane on wet-aged beef is moist, peeling it off without ripping the meat is a little more complicated. Before selling the steak, a professional butcher will skin and trim it.

What Is Skirt Steak Called In Grocery Store? – Different Names

You wonder, “What is skirt steak named in the grocery store?” But, you should be familiar with the most common other names for this cut of beef; so that you can quickly recognize it at stores that offer it under many names.

  • Romanian Tenderloin

If you’re at a Jewish deli or a Hasidic neighborhood, seek a Romanian tenderloin, the traditional Jewish term for skirt steak. Make a marinade with three teaspoons paprika, 14 cups olive oil, four minced finely chopped garlic, and a handful of sprigs of fresh rosemary. If you want to attempt cooking your Romanian tenderloin. Cut the steak into tiny pieces and combine it with your prepared sauce.

Season the meat after marinating it for several hours and sear it on a hot skillet. Serve with scallions and home stock and wine reduction.

  • Arrachera

If you’re purchasing in a Hispanic area or getting fresh tortillas in a Mexican restaurant, search for Arrachera, the Mexican word for skirt steak.

For quesadillas or Carne Asada tacos, arrachera is the best steak cut. Marinate the meat in a citrusy, aromatic sauce for a couple of hours; before grilling the steak over high heat for the tacos. Remove the Arrachera from the fire once the color and internal temperature are to your liking. Cut it up to add to the tacos.

  • Philadelphia steak

The Philly cheesesteak sandwich is one of the most delicious sandwiches available. A skirt steak is a great cut if you want to make it yourself, and this famous sandwich gets made with skirt steak at several places.

If you want to make your cheesesteak sandwich, slice the beef into thin, fine slices and fry it on a hot griddle. Finish with a dash of Gravy and black pepper.

  • Flank steak

The terms skirt steak, and flank steak is used interchangeably for What Is Skirt Steak Called In Grocery Store. Even though they are two pieces of beef, however, they should be designated as such individually.

Similarities between Flank Steak and Skirt Steak

Skirt and flank steak represent tough, lean, extended cuts of beef used similarly.

  • The cow’s flank, positioned around the thigh in the side abdomen, is a thin and robust region. The skirt, found in the cow’s belly, is a lean muscle frequently employed. It implies that if cooked for too long, both these cuts of beef have the possibility of becoming too tough to consume.
  • Quick, high-heat heating methods like grilling or searing get frequently used to produce flank and skirt steaks.
  • When cutting steak, always cut against the grain of muscle fibers since this will make the meat soft and easy to chew. Because skirt or flank steaks are particularly tough, cutting them against the grain is crucial.
  • Both cuts of meat have a similar beef flavour. So they may be used interchangeably in dishes like steak fajitas, London broiled, steak salad, and carne asada tacos. The softness of the skirt and flank steaks solely depends on how they are prepared and cooked.

Where To Buy Skirt Steak?

Skirt steak should be available in the meat section of your store; with the inside skirt being much more frequent than the outside skirt. The butcher should have removed most of the top fat (contrasted with intramuscular fat).

How To Store Skirt Steak?

When packed airtight, your grocery store or butcher’s package of skirt steak can be kept in the fridge for 3 to 5 days; when frozen, for six to twelve months. If you’ve previously cooked the meat, it’ll last four days in the refrigerator and two to three months in the freezer.

Final Thought

A skirt steak is a flavorful and healthy cut of beef that may get marinated, grilled, or used in fajitas, tortillas, and steak salads. If you can’t locate what you’re searching for in a Mexican or Jewish deli, ask for an Arrachera or Romanian tenderloin chop instead. Or if you have the tools to make it yourself home.

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