What is a Pan Head Screw? – Complete Guide

What is a Pan Head Screw?

When managing a place, be it your room, house, or workplace, you got to deal with several pieces of machinery and tools, given that we are no longer living in the hunting era. When dealing with such tools, screws are a significant component available in more than one type. What is a pan head screw? Ever wondered? Well, you’re good, as we will get you covered. 

Many types of screws in the market are designed in different structures and designs. They have different specified tasks according to the way they are designed. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they are a very versatile type of screws. To avoid mistakes when dealing with the management of a specific place, we need to get the jobs done right without any trouble.

What if you mess up when handling screws? It is going to be a disaster as it is not going to result in not-so-happy outcomes. And this is the sole reason you need to be well-educated about screws. You will not want to vandalize any of your property just because you lack the idea of screws. 

Pan Head screws are pretty common and a handy component that is very useful and convenient. People tend to be quite reserved when it comes to pan head screws. We will cover everything you want to know about it as we move deeper. Stick around and learn what a pan head screw is, how you can use it, and more. 

What is a Pan Head Screw? 

Screws are clips that hold pieces of machinery, tools, and other things together or to an external surface. (For example, when you want to fix a mirror to your bathroom’s wall, you will use screws to attach it to the wall) There are different kinds of screws we use in our daily life. One of them being “pan head screws.” 

Pan Head screws resemble precisely what its name suggests. That’s right, it looks like an inverted pan head. It has a broad and flat head with curved and round edges. Pan Head screws can be used on a variety of machinery that is made of a variety of materials. 

These screws are commonly made of stainless steel or carbon steel and coated with zinc to protect them from rusting. 

They are also countersunk clips which are very advantageous when dealing with machinery and objects you want in no way to get damaged or altered. 

The screw comes in various sizes, shapes, and heights for various appliances. For this purpose, they also come in different threading styles. For this purpose, they also come in different threading styles. You can purchase the style you need depending on the appliance you will use. Some screws also have the ability to tap their own holes into the material. 

Let us talk about their head types. What type of head do they have? Pan Head screws have both cross and flat kinds of heads. Some screws have a flat cut on their heads to align with straight screwdrivers. To be able to be handled with a Philip, some screws come with a cross-head on the top.

The sockets are usually hexagonal or recessive. So they can be used on metal machinery and wooden works. 

What are the Types of Pan Head Screws? 

Pan Head screws can be categorized into two main types according to their function. However, they can also be classified into many other types based on the drive. Let us see the commonly categorized two types. They are as follows, 

  1. Self-tapping pan head screw 
  2. Self-drilling pan head screw 

What are self-tapping and self-drilling pan head screws, you may ask? Well, let’s briefly glance at the two types as we move. 

Self-Tapping Pan Head Screws 

Self-tapping pan head machine screws come with a sharp bottom point. They can drill, tap and fasten objects with their accustomed design. Self-tapping screws are ideal for plastic and wooden objects, although you can also use them on metal machinery. 

  • Self-Drilling Pan Head Screws 

As the name suggests, self-drilling pan head machine screws can save you the energy of pre-drilling. You do not need to pre-drill before installation. They have excellent fastening ability. These screws come with a drill-like bottom point. They are ideal for being used on metal types of machinery. Either metal to metal or metal to wood, it works well. 

What are Pan Head Screws Used For? 

As mentioned earlier, pan head machine screws are pretty versatile. 

They can be used for different purposes in different instances. Sometimes you can use these screws as a replacement for some other types of screws too.

However, given their quality, they make an ideal option to hold metal and automotive objects together or against a chosen surface. 

But they do not limit their uses to metal machinery only. You can also use these screws on plastic and woodwork. They have a firm hold and will ideally hold the object tight since they have a relatively sizeable under-surface area. Even if the intended hole is large, the screws can tightly fit with their surface area underneath. 

The screws can be used to fasten thin to thick materials. The thickness of the material does not bother the screws as they have a high ability to hold objects firmly. 

These screws are used on a domestic scale to an industrial scale.

What are the Advantages of Pan Head Screws?

By now, you would have already understood how beneficial these screws can be. Let me list down its advantages to make it easy for you.

  • They are designed as non-counter sunk clips 
  • The screws are aesthetically appealing and provide a clean finish to the work 
  • Versatile clips 
  • Minimal damage rate to the working surface regardless of the material 


Pan Head machine screws are quality clips with strong strength to hold various objects. But they are primarily considered as a go-to option for metal machinery. These screws have an excellent fastening capability and will complete the job perfectly while providing a pleasing look. 

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