Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning? Here Is What You Need To Do

Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning

In this guide you will why Roomba side brush not spinning as you would like. Technology has developed rapidly, and today, you might see various devices that make your daily chores easy and save a lot of time. Similarly, Roomba is one such device you can use to clean the floor of your house.

Since this device is autonomous, it will be capable of doing its task without the control of humans. A Roomba will have four main components wheels, bumps, sensors, and brushes. You might sometimes encounter problems in any of these components, which make the device malfunction.

Suppose you experience Roomba side brush not spinning issues, then by learning the causes for this problem, you will be able to solve it. The machine cannot clean the area independently when you use the traditional vacuum cleaner. Hence it will require human assistance, but the cleaning process will be more perfect than the Roomba since it will be a suitable device for removing debris or dirt but not cleaning.

Sometimes you might have confused about how the device knows whether it needs to clean the floor or not. The process takes place with the help of the dirt detect technology in this device. Through this technology, the device can detect more dirt than usual if so, the device will activate and clean the respective place. 

What Is Roomba iRobot Vacuum Cleaner?

Roomba is similar to the traditional vacuum cleaner, but this device is autonomous, which is an added advantage. Roomba is an excellent device since it can work on its own, but there are also some drawbacks, so if you are planning to purchase this device, you must know in detail about the pros and cons of using such a device product.

If you wonder whether the device can operate without the side brush, then yes, it will operate, but it will not be capable of cleaning the floor. This is why you need to check the brush when the device malfunctions. Sometimes the device will not function properly if the Roomba side brush not spinning.

Although this device will clean on its own, you must know that maintenance is essential for proper functioning hence you will have to check the device regularly and clean it if any dirt is accumulated. Mostly the device starts to malfunction due to improper maintenance.

Why Is Roomba Side Brush Not Spinning?

If you notice that the Roomba side brush not spinning, then it is better to check on the issue to sort it out. As already mentioned in the article, if you want the cleaning process to take place efficiently, it is necessary to check on the performance of the brush, as this is the component that will help to get rid of the dirt.

If you notice this component is not spinning, then there are a few causes, some of which are mentioned below in the article. 

Mapping Your House

When you purchase a new Roomba and try using it for the first time, then the device at once will not start the cleaning process instead, Roomba will take time to map the house. While the mapping is taking place, you cannot expect the side brush to spin, so there is no fault in the device.

Some people get confused and think that the new device is not functioning well but allow the device to finish the mapping process, and then once it is done, it will start to clean the floor.

Worn-Out Gears

When you take the Roomba, you might know that there are different modules where each will have a motor and many gears. When the Roomba start cleaning, the power supplies to the brush through the motor and the gears hence these components must function well for the brush to spin adequately.

Suppose you encounter any issue in the side brush, check whether the gears are in good condition since worn-out gears can also be a cause. After prolonged usage of the device, you might notice the gears will start to wear, so to fix this problem, try replacing the affected worn-out gear.

Sometimes it might not be possible to replace only the gear, so you will have to replace the whole set in such a situation.

Burned Out Motor

As already mentioned, you might know that each module in this device will have a motor. When the device starts to clean the floor, the heat generated will eventually reduce the lifespan of the motors. The durability of the motor will reduce if it gets heated more often.

Suppose you forgot to clean the device and remove all the dirt in the side brush then when the device starts cleaning, the motor has to work hard to make the side brush spin, which makes it get heated, and as a result, you will notice that the motor will burn out.

Entangling the side Brushes

If you have seen a Roomba, you might know that it will consist of two side brushes on either side of the device. So, during the cleaning process, the side brush will obtain power from the motor and start to spin.

Sometimes your side brush might entangle with long hair, and as a result, it will not spin, so to fix this problem, you must first ensure whether this is the cause for the issue. If you see any hair or dirt in the brush, clean it and try using the device. Hopefully, this might fix the problem, and your side brushes will start working as usual.

Dirty Gear Box

One of the essential components present in Roomba is the gear. If you fail to check on the maintenance of the gearbox, dirt will accumulate, and as a result, you will start witnessing malfunction of the device, especially the side brush stop spinning.

So, if your side brush is not spinning, a dirty gearbox can also be a reason, so check whether there is any dirt present so you can fix the issue by cleaning it well. If you need to clear the gearbox thoroughly, you must remove and clean both inside and out and replace the component correctly.

Contact the Customer Service

Suppose you checked on several causes and tried fixing all of them, and if you still witness the side brush not spinning, then you can call customer service and reach out for their help by clearly mentioning the issue with your Roomba device. They will assist you with how to sort put the issue.

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