Flagstone or Pavers for Your Budget : Choosing the Best Option

is flagstone cheaper than pavers

No. Pavers and flagstones are commonly used when constructing driveways, patios, jogging paths, etc. Both these products stand out thanks to their unique qualities. But when it comes to the prices, is flagstone cheaper than pavers?

When calculating the prices, there are various factors to consider, including quality, durability, maintenance cost, and the withstanding ability of flagstones and pavers in various climatic conditions. Also, the pieces that are needed to cover a certain surface area will affect the price that you have to afford. We will provide you with details on this topic further and give answers to your questions in this article.

What Are Flagstone and Pavers?

Flagstones are natural sedimentary rocks. They are formed by bounding different types of minerals such as iron ore, silica, etc. These can be cut into various sizes and irregular shapes when paving. It gives a unique design to the construction. Not only for paving, but flagstones are also used when constructing memorials and facades as well. Flagstones are split into layers of bedding. The name “flagstone” covers a variety of natural stones varieties, including slate, bluestone, granite, limestone, etc.

On the other hand, Pavers are not naturally made substances. They are man-made blocks or bricks using clay and concrete mostly. Pavers are laying according to a pattern or a style when making the floorings. They are used in building various floorings, including driving paths, pavements, sports courts, walking paths, etc. Pavers are built in various shapes, and when using them in construction, you have to use pavers with the same shapes to continue the pattern go on.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Cost of Flagstone and Pavers?

The cost of the flagstones and pavers can depend on a few factors. So, let’s talk about them briefly.

The type of stones used in flagstones can determine their value. Flagstones are natural and available in different types of stones, including limestone, granite, slate, etc. And when it comes to pavers, the material which pavers are made out of should be considered as those materials will be limited resources of nature.

Also, you should consider the sizes and thicknesses of both these types. Flagstones have irregular shapes and vary in thickness when compared to pavers. But pavers have a unique shape to make it easy when laying. Additionally, the quality and availability of these materials also affect the cost. Flagstones are natural. But the quality of pavers can differ according to the manufacturers.

However, both materials should withstand various weather and climatic conditions. Flagstones are highly available because they are naturally made, and pavers can be difficult to find sometimes because of the limited raw materials. The availability of flagstones can vary from region to region, considering the materials they are made out of.

Is Flagstone Cheaper Than Pavers?

No. Even though the Flagstones are natural and can be found easily, flagstones cost more than pavers. I think it is because they are natural. Though it needs a lot of machinery and manpower when making pavers, the natural made are always considered to be more valuable.

But keep in mind that the prices can vary according to the availability of materials in each area and the materials that the pavers are made out of. Although it is hard to predict or tell an exact price, some people say that it costs 30$-50$ per square root for flagstones and 19$ to 25$ per square foot for pavers.

What Are the Advantages of Flagstone?

There are a lot of advantages of Flagstones.

Flagstones are long-lasting. They do not crack or damage easily and can withstand climatic conditions. Also, pests like termites can’t damage the flagstone floorings. As a natural substance, flagstones are always available and commonly used. They have rare designs, and most people like that they can choose the one they prefer from various color choices, styles, and textures. Also, they are easy to work on. Therefore, people choose flagstones so that they can decorate their outdoors easily and attractively.

Flagstone endures over time. Outdoor structures, such as pathways and patios, are regarded as heavy-traffic areas. Flagstone’s layered construction makes it suitable for use in areas with heavy traffic close to your house.

Flagstone’s natural surface area encourages traction. Natural flagstone-like ridges and curves with textured surfaces are non-slip and prevent water from collecting. When utilizing flagstone for patios, driveways, and walks, this is excellent.

What Are the Advantages of Flagstone?

What Are the Advantages of Pavers?

Pavers are also durable. They can be damaged due to heavy climatic conditions, but they are resistant to erosion, growth of tree roots, frost, etc. Pavers make it easy to maintain as well. Also, using pavers give a classy appearance to your home and garden. When pavers are damaged, they only need a simple repair.

Like flagstones, you can select pavers in different colors and shape as well. But when laying, it is better to lay the pavers with the same shape closer to one another so that the design can be continued in an attractive way. So, as in flagstones, you can’t choose pavers different from each other.

How Do You Choose Between Flagstone and Pavers?

When choosing between the flagstone and pavers, consider your budget and your preferences.

If you are going to use them on a surface where that can be subjected to friction or a lot of weight, pavers are the suitable option for you. Flagstones can’t withstand the friction and weight of concrete pavers. So, if you are going to construct a driveway, it is better to use pavers. Also, your budget must be high when affording flagstones.

You should know that whatever choice you make, both these options are long-lasting, incredibly resilient, and attractive building materials. With the proper maintenance, these both will endure a very long time. Also, they increase the value of your home and the garden as well by giving a classy look.

What Are the Installation Costs of Flagstone and Pavers?

It costs more to install the flagstones. With professional help, the installation of flagstones costs 15$ – 27$ per square foot. And without the support of a professional, it needs only 4$ to 6$ per square foot. As for pavers, it costs 8$ to 22$ with expert knowledge, labor, and materials. But if those are not required, it only costs 5$ to 11$ price.

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