How to Use Ladder on Stairs? [Comfortable & Safety Ways]

how to use ladder on stairs

The color of the walls coordinating the stairs are an area to be covered in a calming light shade. If you have found the color of the walls disturbing the living area, the finest idea would be a color change. How to use ladder on stairs?

A staircase is a place in our homes that need extra effort to repair the surround. If you want to hang family portraits or need to fix a problem with the chandeliers hanging above your stairs, you indeed should have faced this difficulty. A ladder is safe to use only on leveled ground. If not, there is a high possibility of facing severe accidents. The commonly used step ladders are also an invalid option when it comes to a staircase basement. There are many different alternatives created to overcome this problem. Scroll on to find the most comfortable way for you!

How to Use Ladder on Stairs?

The methods can be divided into two, store-bought alternatives and DIY alternatives. For some, the products available in the market may be too expensive to purchase. If you face such a situation, you need not worry; we have also presented some less costly ways. If you follow the correct methods, you will successfully end up with a self-made alternative.

How to use ladder on stairs? It does not matter whether you follow the first method or any of the others described here. It is a must to follow these guidelines for your safety.

  • Always follow the three-point rule regarding the use of ladders. It says that you must hold on to the ladder at once with two hands and one leg (when climbing up) or with one hand and two legs (when doing the work). 
  • Avoid fast climbing. Take your time and carefully climb each step. 
  • You must be aware of the weight you carry with you. Do not overload the ladder to make it unbalanced. Using a helper, it would be better if you take the tools at the relevant time. 

What is Stair Ladder?

There are many names in use for stair ladders. The multi-purpose ladder is such a common name. Sometimes it may be called stairwell ladders or combination ladders too. The appropriate ladder to do work besides walls of stairs is the stair ladder. It presents the ability to adjust the four feet with the required length and is then tightened. There is no need for a helper to hold the ladder. 

The market price for this type is somewhat higher and will cost about $3500- $4000. If your attempt is a home project, it would be better if you tried another alternative. Sometimes you would be able to find a rental stair ladder on a daily or hourly basis if you do a ground search. It will cost around $40-$50 amount. 

Ladder Levelers

This is a tool used to make the ladder stand on unlevelled surfaces. You can adjust the holding surface without more work according to the height of the stairs. It has manufactured with non-slippery feet. Therefore, you could place it on the stair tiles without any doubt. 

Keep the leveler base on the lower step and insert the vertical bar. Then you have to fix the horizontal bar. Finally, you can take down the horizontal platform to the needed level and tighten the fixers. You need to place the ladder on the flat horizontal surface of the leveler. There is also a type of lever that cannot be adjusted and are low in price. 

An adjustable ladder leveler will cost you around $175. If it is a leveler without a moving bar, it will be around $115.  

Leg Extenders 

Leg extenders will add extra height to your ladder. All you need to do is fix the extender to the feet that need to be extended by the clamp. Then adjust the height as per your requirement and tighten the connection. 

You could find a leg extender in the range of $60-$80. 

Two Ladder Method

In this method, a scaffold is made by the two ladders. You need to find one extension ladder and a trestle ladder. The mandatory feature is an even vertical wall to hold the extension ladder on the lower step. Keep the other ladder in the high stair, and you can connect the two ladders by placing a vertical scaffold plank.  

A metallic plank will be around $8- $16. If you use wooden planks, it will cost even less. But choose a quality material that is strong enough to bear your weight. 

DIY Ladder Leveler

You can use a wooden wedge made as per the measurements of the heights of the stairs where you gonna use it. This method will be budget-friendly, but one wedge could be only used for one certain height. Therefore, a homemade leveling surface would not be able to use several times at different heights. 

As in the store-bought ladder levelers, here also you will have to place the ladder on an even surface. 

How to you Keep a Ladder from Slipping on Hardwood Floors?

If the floor is slippery, that means the frictional force given back on the ladder is not enough. Therefore, you need to increase the friction in that kind of situation. Using a rubber stopper on the feet or at least some rough material would solve the problem. 

Sometimes the reason will not be a floor issue. If you find that your ladders are slippery while 

hanging a photo on your stair walls, just look at the top shelf of the ladder. The unbalancing could occur when you keep loads to distribute the weight only on one side. 

The improper fixings of screws are also a major issue in a slippery ladder. If the ladder is strange when you try climbing up, get down and check all the screws again. Tight them properly if you find any mistakes. 


How to use ladder on stairs? If you are currently facing this problem in order to do a home task, this article will guide you to the best option. 

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