How To Remove Baseboard Heater – Comprehensive Guide

How to remove baseboard heater

Baseboard radiators heat the household’s airflow to make it more pleasant for all of us to reside within. Because of the radiators, we get a constant wind flow of hot and chilled air in our household. Consequently, a baseboard heating system gets installed to speed upwind flow. However, they may require to get eliminated for a variety of causes. So how to remove baseboard heater comes into consumers’ minds whenever they encounter these circumstances.

And understanding how to remove the floor radiator will assist you in addressing the matter quickly. This guide will show you how to dismantle the baseboard heating system without harming it and avoiding electrocution.

Read more to discover how to disassemble a baseboard heater system.

Because of the electrical similarities, disconnecting an electrical floor heating is comparable to replacing a light fitting, and it’s much easier since you wouldn’t require a ladder.

The most crucial aspect to consider is to cut off the power before commencing the operation. The wires, such as those powering a light fitting, might give a damaging and perhaps lethal jolt if you contact an active one.

They are commonly known as radiant heating for your home. It is not harder to eliminate the floor heaters. However, you must ensure that you execute the disassembly guidelines precisely to achieve a secure extraction.

Additionally, there are several varieties of baseboard heaters in the marketplace. However, the fundamental removal procedure would be similar, as detailed below. Let’s look at how to remove baseboard heater.

How To Remove Baseboard Heater?

The expulsion of the baseboard radiators is simple and protected as long as you switch off the lines initially. You want to ensure that you wear well-being measures while working with the power lines.

Along these lines, you can go about your business effectively and protect yourself from the shocks. What’s more, adhering to the procedure precisely can assist you with eliminating the baseboard radiators instantly. Follow the steps for how to remove baseboard heater.

Turn off the heater

The absolute first thing you require to perform is to switch off the radiator. You can go to your circuit panel to accomplish such. When you had the radiator fitted to your home, the electrical technician could have the circuit or fitting of the radiator marked.

Search for the radiator named switch along these lines and switch that off. It will stop the power source from the radiator, making it switch off.

Junction box

After you switch the power off of the radiator, presently, you want to find the connection box of the radiator. Track down the container and eliminate the screws on its front.

This unit holds every one of the wires of the floor heater of your home. It should be close to the right or the left of your home’s radiator. Thus, check right along the edge of the floor radiator of your home.

Power supply 

Now that you’ve lifted the connection box covering, you’ll need to buy a multimeter. You may acquire one from a neighborhood hardware or electronics store. Inspect the circuit using a multimeter to see whether there is any power source. If the measurement remains zero, you have disconnected the correct circuit because there is no electrical source to the radiator.

If the measurement does not equal zero, you have switched off the wrong breaker, and you must now switch off the correct circuit to proceed. Wear mittens to avoid an electric barrier from being applied to your body.

Don’t touch the junction with your bare fingers, as this might result in death. Ensure you don’t contact your skin to the connection till the electricity gets completely turned off.


You must now obtain a Philips-headed driver. You may find them in hardware stations or grocery stores. To remove the wiring from the port, unscrew the terminal fasteners. To disconnect the wiring, make sure that all screws get correctly removed. Instead, if the connections get yanked out, they may be damaged.

To dismantle the floor radiator, unscrew the bottom fasteners. Loosen all of the fasteners that keep the radiator in position from the base of the radiator in a secure manner.

Remove the unit

The floor radiator might get installed with concrete, painting, or caulking. To disengage the radiator from the material, slide a utility knife into the rear of the floor radiator. Do this for all heater’s edges.

To guarantee the protection of the floor radiator, proceed gently. To remove the radiator from its location, gently press on the heater’s wall. After removing the radiator from the concrete wall, set it somewhere. Request that somebody supports the radiator as you extract it from the concrete wall. Instead, it would get ruined if it fell to the ground.

These methods will assist you in removing the floor radiators from the location where they are trapped. You may now replace the radiator, wipe down it, or fix it before reinstalling it in your home.

The operation is straightforward, and just two tools are required to perform it. Therefore, ensure you complete it correctly to prevent harm to yourself or your home’s floor radiator. However, additional factors are to consider, including the expense of removing the floor radiators. So be aware of these to make your task easier to carry out.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Baseboard Heater?

If you are unsure about doing all of the work yourself, you may hire a specialist to handle it for you. In that situation, you must compensate them for their services. The typical cost of removing a floor radiator is roughly $150, based on where you live and the model of floor radiator you have in your home.

Bottom Line

It mustn’t be too difficult to disconnect the baseboard heater system and update it to newer ones. You could do it yourself if you are confident of your abilities.

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