How To Paint A Garage Door? This Is The Easiest Method

How To Paint A Garage Door

So how to paint a garage door? Painting your garage door will give your house’s exterior a fresh look for a very inexpensive cost and with no effort.

If you’re a brand new homeowner, painting your garage door will make your home appear more like yours. A fresh coat of paint can improve your entry’s look and protection from the elements, which will extend its life.

It is a little longer than any outdoor painting job because of the drying time needed. Painting the garage door, including its edges and panels, could seem daunting. However, with a systematic approach, you’ll be able to finish it in just a few hours. 

Follow this guide for the most effective outcomes.

Can I Paint A Garage Door By Myself?

Finding the ideal garage door paint, preparing your garage door, and making the final appearance appealing is at hand, even if you’re not an expert. With the exterior of your home, your garage door also is bare to elements throughout the year.

That’s why painting is the ideal method to cover chipped or oxidized doors that make your home look less attractive. A new coat of paint will increase the lifespan of your garage doors and enhance your home’s overall appearance.

For a stunning impression that lasts for many years to come, there are a few essential steps to follow when painting and preparing the garage door.

How To Select Color For Garage Door? 

When painting garage doors, one of the most common mistakes is choosing the wrong color. When painting a garage door, use outside paint to ensure that it will resist the environment.

Be sure to check the label on the manufacturer’s website to ensure that you select the suitable primer and paint to complete the task. It gets recommended to purchase an exterior primer to help the paint glide on and quickly stay longer.

Also, be sure to buy the color you think will work on your doors so that you can try them before committing to a full-on. Then, look over the equipment and supplies you’ll need to finish this task efficiently.

What Tools You Need To Paint Garage Door? 


  • Paint for exteriors
  • Exterior caulk
  • Exterior primer
  • Tape for painting
  • 100-grit sandpaper

How To Paint A Garage Door – A Comprehensive Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to paint a garage door and provide your home with a fresh look without spending an enormous amount of time or cash. If you have a specific garage door style, alter the steps to match the materials.

Step 1: Begin Your Project During A Cool And Clear Day

Before you begin painting, make sure you are aware of the conditions. It is best to think about two and three days with mild temperatures, no rain, and moderate humidity.

The ideal temperature to paint is between 50-75 degrees, with the moisture being the low and indirect sun as garage doors made of metal tend to be hotter than the outdoor temperature. Additionally, you should pick the three days in a row that match the criteria as closely as possible.

Step 2: Scrape To Remove Rust From A Garage Door

Cleaning the garage door beforehand ensures that paint will flow quickly and stay put. Ensure you are wearing your protective equipment, and then get rid of any chipped or rusted areas by using wire brushes or paint scraper and a Sanding pad.

If your door gets made of vinyl or wood, take care not to harm the material in this process. Wood doors might have holes or cracks which require filling. Fill these holes with caulk & a putty knife to ensure an even surface.

Step 3: Rinse & Power Wash The Garage Door’s Surface

When the chipped paint is removed and sanded to a smooth finish and smooth, it’s time for washing your garage doors. Clean the entire surface using the all-purpose cleaner or sponge and dish soap.

Once you get done, rinse the door using the garden hose. Dry the door with dry towels, then allow it to dry completely for at minimum an hour. There is a possibility of hiring an electric power washer for grimy doors. But it’s not required most of the time.

Step 4: Cut Off The Areas You Don’t Wish To Paint

After the door has dried completely and the door is dry, you can tape it off to cover the handles, locks windows, handles, and anything else that you do not want to paint on.

If you do not plan to paint the door’s trim too, you can tape it off; however, you can tape off the garage’s edges only if you want to do it on the frame too.

Additionally, you’ll have to define your work area to ensure that the final product is level and prevent paint on unwanted areas.

Step 5: Prime The Garage Door With Exterior Primer

Mix the primer thoroughly and put a small amount into the paint pail that is handheld. Apply the primer with a large paintbrush or roller now, If your garage gets equipped with inset panels.

To apply an angle-switch paintbrush to apply the paint to the inside parts of the panels. There is only one thin layer to be used, just enough to provide the color with a foundation that it can stick. Remove any excess paint that might have gotten in the way of the panels in those stiles.

Step 6: Paint The Garage Door Inside Out

After the primer has dried, repeat the same painting procedure with the paint for the exterior. Start by using a paintbrush or roller. Enter the recesses and then paint the stiles should you have them.

After which, you can paint your primary surfaces. Then take care to get the paint into the corners. When using a brush to paint, ensure that the brush edge is wet but not dripping. For the highest quality end product, make sure to apply a minimum of 2 coats.

Final Words

Great job! Your newly paint-coated garage door won’t just enhance the overall look of your house, but it will also shield it from the elements. Additionally, in areas with lots of exposure to sun often, thorough cleaning and recoating using exterior paint will ensure that the finish is maintained and will avoid the need for a total repainting job soon!

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