How to Mount TV on an Uneven Stone Fireplace? [Updated Guide]

how to mount tv on uneven stone fireplace

Are you looking for a place to hang your tv in the living room, but you only got the uneven stone fireplace left for the tv? Well, it’s a pretty decent place for tv, isn’t it? So, how to mount tv on an uneven stone fireplace? Let’s find out.

What to Consider Before Placing a TV on an Uneven Stone Wall?

There are several things to take into account when drilling and calculating in order to install a television over any kind of surface. For starters, you need to select the appropriate Television dimensions for your room, determine the ideal viewing distance, plus add necessary child protection by concealing cords.

Once you’ve determined the ideal television for the apartment and the perfect mounting position, the next factor to consider is the TV bracket. You might want to think about a setup with a movable arm for a big room. 

While mounting your television, there are essential factors to take into account if the stone wall in your house doubles as a fireplace. Determine if the fire pit is burning wood or oil as the initial measure in this situation. Next, determine if the fireplace is made of solid stone or hollow stone. The ideal technique to place your television will depend on the object’s strength.

Can You Install A Television On A Stone Fireplace?

Positioning your tv on an uneven stone fireplace wall is equally secure as placing it on a plywood or wall surface if implemented right. To ensure the setup is flat and sturdy against the wall, you might have to do some additional preparation work. The challenging part is mounting your tv on an uneven stone wall. It’s essential to take your time and set up your system carefully.

What are the Advantages of Installing a Television on your Fireplace’s Stone Wall?

Enhanced Looks: The stone fireplace structure behind and surrounding your TV will highlight it well.

Make the Most of Your Available Area: Utilize your available space by placing your television on the wall rather than utilizing a bottom setup or media cabinet.

Excellent Location for the Gathering: A TV mount on the fireplace provides loved ones plenty of space to socialize, converse, and even party! Without running, the danger of having the TV in the path and having it fall.

Keep Yourself Warm When Watching The TV: Watch a favorite holiday film or television program while cozying up next to a fireplace in the snow.

Set a Particular Focus Point: Rather than having a fireplace take up a huge portion of your space, your room should now have a sophisticated and wealthy entertainment space. This implies that there is only one primary direction in which you may arrange all the couches in your living area.

How to Mount TV on an Uneven Stone Fireplace?

It could require some perseverance and an extra couple of hands to put a television on a stone wall with a fireplace, much as you would with a cement wall. Stones could have a rough surface, like brick, making it more difficult to mount your Television brackets than on a piece of flat drywall.

The very first stage is to get everything ready and ready for setup. Additionally, ensure the attachment you have is the right size for your television.

What are the Materials Needed to Mount TV on an Uneven Stone Fireplace?

  1. Sharpie
  2. masking tape
  3. measuring tape
  4. Pry bar (optional)
  5. thermometer
  6. Concrete chisel (optional)
  7. Bolts
  8. a tile saw (optional)
  9. timber-metal bit
  10. washers and spacers
  11. power drill
  12. Masonry bit
  13. A TV bracket
  14. Ratchet bit
  15. TV mount
  16. socket wrench
  17. bubble level

How to Mount TV on an Uneven Stone Fireplace?

Measure Where You Want to Place Your TV 

You must estimate the area where you wish to put your television without leaving any holes in the wall.

Preparing a cardboard replica of the television and experimenting with where you tape it on the wall will help you choose the best placement.

Mark the location of your television utilizing masking tape when you’ve decided.

Considering that you will be permanently piercing holes into the brickwork of your property, be mindful of taking accurate readings. Just remember to double-check your dimensions.

Temperature Check

It can be dangerous to set a Screen over a flame since the high temperature could harm the device.

Position a thermometer whereby the television will be and switch on the flame to confirm the television won’t heat.

Monitor the temperature regularly while letting your fireplace burn for at least 30 minutes.

If the stone warms up to more than 37 °C, you might want to mount your TV somewhere else.

Determine How Far Distinct Stones Extend

Examine the stones now that you are aware of where to install the Television mounts 

Check the structure for any stones that intrude far from it. Another smart move is holding your TV mounting up to the stones and seeing how flat it lies.

Mark the area in which any bulging stones contact 

Your television must be set flush against the wall; therefore, you must guarantee that the stones won’t interfere.

Take out and Trim Any Bulging Stones

Removing the sticking stones from the wall requires using a pry bar and masonry chisel.

The excessive stones should now be chopped off with a tile saw so they may lay level against the wall.

Set up the TV Bracket

Drill holes where each bolt will go 

Insert the nuts thru the holes in your television, then slide the washers or spacers across to the opposite side. Place the nuts in the newly created holes. It might need to be tightened with a socket wrench.

Set up the TV Mount

Place your television face-down on a smooth surface, cushioning the screen with a cloth or pillow to prevent scratches.

Connect the bracket to your television using nuts.

Install the television on the bracket.

The television may now be mounted on the bracket.

This procedure may change based on how the Television mounting and brackets are made. Refer to the manual before doing so.

You’re good to go as long as your Television mount rotates and leans properly.


In this article, We discussed how to mount tv on an uneven stone fireplace. However, be careful when implementing anything, and if you don’t comprehend what you’re doing, seek assistance. Try to choose an equal spot on the irregular stone wall.

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