How Long Do Costco Muffins Last? [Complete Guide]

how long do costco muffins last

You shouldn’t consume a muffin that is beginning to mold, has an unpleasant odor, flavor, or look, or has just been left out for an excessively long. You’re familiar with the muffins from Costco. So, how long do Costco muffins last?

Quick Response

How long do Costco muffins last? Muffins that haven’t been opened ought to keep well at ambient temperature for two to three days. You may keep them inside the refrigerator up long as one week if you would like it should last lengthier. The shelf life of Costco muffins is up to three months when frozen.

What Exactly are Muffins?

Quick bread cooked for an individual is known as muffins. These grow without the need for yeast thanks to sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate of soda, plus egg. They tend to be thicker than cake and cupcakes yet are often yummy.

Costco Muffins – What are They?

A traditional item that has been available for many years is indeed the muffins from the Costco kitchen. They are renowned for their enormous size! They are available in widely popular muffin varieties. They’re fantastic as a treat, breakfast, and meal.

Both adults and children appear to like them genuinely! They are ideal for taking on road trips or camping trips. Picking your favorite muffin at the baking counter at your local Costco could be challenging, with several varieties available.


There is a two-pack minimum requirement for muffin purchases at Costco. Two packets are priced at $7.99 Canadian, which is really affordable, and each bag contains six muffins—approximately $1 for each muffin.


The fact that Costco requires you to purchase two packages of muffins is a bit annoying if you live alone or only want to buy one box of 6 muffins.


Almond poppyseed, chocolate, plus blueberry are among three of Costco’s most popular varieties. Throughout the decades, Costco has provided additional muffin variations. However, these three remain endured and have come to be regarded as enduring Costco favorites.


Costco is really strict with regard to the muffins. With a circumference of 4 inches as well as a weight of over 6 ounces, every muffin is small. The Costco muffins are certainly undoubtedly among the biggest muffins you can buy in a supermarket, and they stay true to the Costco brand.

Why do Muffins from Costco Taste So Good?

The delicate, very delicious muffins from Costco have a cake-like flavor and consistency. This is due to the fact that, like a cupcake as well as pastry, these are loaded with white flour, sweetness, plus oil. A Costco muffin could be compared to an unfrosted slice of cake. A really excellent cake.

The muffins seem to be likewise enormous. The muffin display at the Costco kitchen is evident to everyone with a subscription. Additionally, you must go to your neighborhood Costco if you would like these muffins because they are not available there.

One should purchase Costco muffins Two for One because they are available in 6-pack quantities. In other words, every time you buy something, you agree to 12 large muffins. We sincerely hope you’re serving a big audience!

How Long Do Costco Muffins Last?

Four days after the time it was packaged, the muffins’ better prior date is written just on the package. These muffins from Costco are stored effectively in the refrigerator. So, it’s okay if users can’t finish 12 muffins within four days; keep the rest of them together in the fridge.

Although Costco muffins contain a “sell by” period, that was not the deadline by which you should consume the muffins. Manufactured muffins may be stored for up to three to seven inside the cupboard or seven to ten days inside the refrigerator, per Following a purchase, one may defrost the muffins and store these inside the freezer until at least six months.

Is it Possible to Freeze Costco Muffins?

You certainly can! Carefully cover the cupcakes from Costco using a wrap, then place them in a Ziplock bag only with the air squeezed out first before chilling. The muffins may be defrosted after being frozen if you put them in the fridge for between 24 and 48 hours.

The muffin lining, as well as all packaging, should be removed before microwaving frozen muffins to defrost them. Muffins may be microwaved for ten to thirty seconds on elevated to thaw.

How Long do Costco Muffins Last When Refrigerated?

When kept in the refrigerator correctly, freshly cooked muffins should last for approximately a week.

How Long Can Muffins Be Left Out?

You may place these inside a sealed container as well as store them at ambient temperature lasting a maximum of 24 hours unless you’d like to do so. When muffins get left out in the open, humidity begins to leak outside, and things dry up. The muffins should also be covered with a second layer of towels.

How Can Muffins be Preserved Throughout Time?

  • Step 1: These muffins should be given time to completely cool after being placed on a wire rack set over a cookie sheet.
  • Step 2: Place paper towels inside a sealed jar and close it.
  • Step 3: Place the muffins inside the box on the topping of the toilet paper and seal everything in the cellophane.
  • Step 4: Add a layer of paper towels here to the muffins’ surface.

Muffins: How Do I Thaw Them?

There are several possibilities, and it’s straightforward to thaw the muffins. The simplest method is to move a frozen muffin toward the fridge the evening ahead you intend to consume it. The Costco muffins thaw fast and are prepared for use the following morning.

When you can’t prepare ahead of time, you could always reheat the leftover muffin inside the oven. Although each microwave operates differently, toss the frozen food in there and warm it for approximately a minute. Heat the muffin for an additional 20 to 30 seconds if necessary to get the proper temperature.

Are the Muffins at Costco Fine?

One of the most popular products at Costco is the Kirkland Signature freshly made muffins. While every person has a preference, you could purchase muffins at Costco throughout the year long, and they are all typically excellent.

Final Reflections

Because they have such a lovely depth of flavor, muffins are best served right away. They are, nevertheless, not permanent. It is preferable to throw away the muffin, whether it is moldy, has a strange appearance and hue, has a strange flavor, or smells weird.

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