Can You Buy Staged Furniture? Will It be Worth It?

Can You Buy Staged Furniture? Will It be Worth It?

Just by glancing at a photo online or from a catalog, it may not be easy to imagine how an item would look in a real house. Since of this, it’s ideal to see furnishings in a prepared house because you can see the actual dimensions, style, and use of each piece in a real world setting. Can you buy staged furniture?

So, What Now? Can You Buy Staged Furniture? The positive news is… You have access to a vast selection of staging material. Therefore, you may personalize it to your liking if you discover yourself being in love with both the display house you’re in and the furnishings in it.

Home Staging: What Is It?

Home staging has turned into a “must do” for several selling because, according to 82% of dealer’s brokers, it makes it simpler for new investors to see the home as their dream house. In the past, properties that have been staged typically moved more quickly and profitably than unstaged ones.

In order to make a house more visually appealing to potential purchasers, home staging would be a sales tactic where furniture, artwork, as well as other décor are briefly added. The purpose of staging is to enhance the home’s positive attributes, flatter the house, and enable potential buyers to picture themselves residing there.

The goal of a good staging company is to make improvements to a house without becoming overt. Since the goal is not to mislead a buyer or give the impression that a home’s defects are being concealed, high quality staged work is gorgeous without becoming overt.

Staging is helpful because it enables others to recognize spaces and their potential uses for them. Staging businesses may illustrate how problematic spaces could be used, which pieces work well in specific regions, and exactly how to best effectively set out a space using equipment and assets that you don’t already have.

What is the Value of Home Staging?

A better selling cost and a speedier house sale are two typical outcomes of home staging. The disadvantages of home staging include additional labor required before selling and extra expenses like property storage. But the advantages of staging frequently surpass these drawbacks.

Can You Buy Staged Furniture? Will It be Worth It?

The products you want to purchase first from the staging firm will need to be carefully inspected. The majority of rental furniture has been utilized in previous residences and won’t be as fresh as anything you’d buy out of furniture.

In addition to checking to determine if the object has been leased out since it was rendered unfit for sale owing to damages that happened in the furnishings shop warehouse, you should also search for any harm that transpired during the transportation that takes place between staging locations.

The furnishings could seem fantastic in the room right now, but they might not satisfy all of your demands in the future, which is a second problem you might encounter. A two person sofa won’t do in the sitting room when you have a household.

You will need to check that the furnishings you ultimately choose fits the room nicely. The majority of stagers would utilize furniture that is significantly shorter to create the look of the space larger, which can give you future hassles.

Where Can You Buy Staged Furniture?

Visit Unoccupied or Model Houses for Sale

Most of the furnishings offered by home stagers are removed from the home it is currently utilized in. People enter the building to inspect the property; after deciding they like the furnishings, they inquire about buying it. Speak with the neighborhood developer or the agent. You’ll receive the telephone number and name of a setup firm from them.

It’s a bit weird when it comes to townhomes. The builder will have a model house sale when all the homes in the neighborhood have been bought, but you will need to wait before purchasing any furnishings.

Observe Social Networks

Any furniture left behind after the display home or empty property has been put up for sale is sometimes sold during a warehouse sale hosted by stagers. Watch outside for notices on local Facebook groups, house staging companies’ Instagram postings, and even tweeting from the stagers directly.

Contact Staging Firms

If everything else fails, dial a number and contact your preferred staging firm. Visiting a staging business to find out when they’re offering their stock and to inquire about the items they have offered is quite acceptable.

Advice on Buying Staged Furniture

The majority of the furniture used only for staging is never used. Thus it is often in fantastic shape. Particularly considering how carefully we handle the goods as it enters and exits our warehouses and enters residences.

However, before making a purchase, it is wise to double check a few details.

– Always look through each component to check for faults.

– When older staged equipment has minor defects, ask the architects and stagers for fantastic advice on how to hide any nicks or rips. Sometimes a tiny touch up may give an item a brand new appearance.

– Think about the item’s shape, size, color, design, and compatibility with your current decor.

– Examine the piece’s placement in the environment to see whether it will work within your own house.

– Purchasing staged furnishings may be a terrific opportunity to add high quality items to the house that one could not otherwise be capable of affording and of completely redecorating your areas.

Does Purchasing Staged Furniture have Any Options?

If purchasing staged furnishings is not for you, there are a number of other options that will enable you to get the stuff you need while saving money. Craigslist, Fb Marketplace, Charity Shops, and furnishings store displays have affordable furniture for sale. Ask the management to discount it significantly from the quoted price.


With home stagers looking to create a welcoming first picture for prospective buyers, Designs provides a variety of contemporary furnishings featuring neutral and stylish staging pieces.

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