This Is The Best Rolling Pin Alternative You Can Consider

rolling pin alternative

This guide will discuss what to look for in a good rolling pin and provide some innovative rolling pin alternative options you can try.

If you’re in the urge to bake and find that your rolling pin has vanished, is broken, or may have never been at all, you don’t have to abandon your dessert plans. Rolling pins are convenient instruments, and we’ve all heard how helpful a rolling pin is for flattening the dough to the correct thickness.

Any culinary device that does not adhere to rigorous use guidelines may often get swapped with another instrument. What else can you utilize instead of a rolling pin? 

A rolling pin equivalent is even in your house, just ready to get serviced and used for a better purpose in your kitchen.

Quick Tip: Rolling pins can get exchanged with practically any robust, circular item in your house. Liquor glasses, beer bottles, and dowels are the most acceptable replacements.

Keep reading to discover everyday household objects with the proper shape and firmness that can get used as rolling pin alternatives.

What Constitutes A Decent Rolling Pin Replacement?

Not even all rolling pins get manufactured alike. Because rolling pins come in various forms and sizes, you may be wondering what makes one a good investment. Weight, body type, and grip all affect how smoothly you roll, and convenience is one factor to think about while moving.

Note: The key to remember while handling a rolling pin should be convenient, and it should also be compact to fit better in your palm. If you’re dissatisfied, chances are you won’t perform a good job.

As a result, the replacement should be easy to hold. The material utilized for the relief has the most effect on this. Without any further interruption, let us take you into some rolling pin alternatives you can use for baking purposes.

Best Rolling Pin Alternative – All You Need To Know

Suppose you don’t own a rolling pin and don’t want to purchase one. There are lots of inventive rolling pin alternatives you may probably discover around your home over the next 5 minutes, and we’ve gathered some excellent rolling pin choices for you.

All of these tips get intended to assist you to roll dough rather than shattering or crush it. Still, you may apply your sound judgment in certain circumstances if that’s what you want to get done.

Cylindrical Glass

Water glass is most likely the handiest since it is the most readily accessible. It’s possible that you currently have it, and it must, however, be long enough for you to reach it with your hands. It’s an excellent alternative since it’s smooth and has no rough edges.

Note: To use it, first carefully clean and dry the glass. The glass should then be oiled so that the motion is smooth.

Wine Bottle

Another alternative for rolling pin alternatives is a wine bottle. It works well as a replacement rolling pin if you get a spare wine bottle, and it is around the same breadth and adequate to press down on thicker doughs.

The form of many of these bottles produces a perfect one-sided grip, which makes it simpler to move, but it also reduces the overall length you have to deal with in rolling.

Note: Although wine bottles are more durable than glasses, you should still be cautious not to apply too much force and shatter the bottle.

Water Bottle

Rather than a rolling pin, you could use a round bottle of water. Ensure there are no spikes on it. You can render it heavy by filling it with water. If you’re utilizing a plastic water bottle, you can put it in the freezer to make it rich and easier to roll.

To do it, wash it thoroughly first, then rinse and grease it to make it slide smoother, precisely like a beer bottle.


A thermos is yet another unusual device that can get used as a substitute for a rolling pin. You can potentially utilize any relatively smooth thermos as long as it’s round in shape and flat the bread neatly. You can protect the dough from sticking to the thermos by sprinkling it with flour.

Soda Can

You could also use longer good cans. As a result, you might have to utilize a can larger than 300ml. Small cans are most possibly the case why this alternative gets disliked.

You’ll need to have anything significant sufficient for you to rest your hands on while rolling. Also, ensure the can isn’t stagnant; moving would be very difficult since the can bends when stress gets put. You can refrigerate the can to make it gain weight.


You may also utilize a wooden dowel for the rolling pin. When the dowel is more extensive, it performs excellently. First, wash and then rinse it with a towel. To use it, cover it in plastic to prevent any wooden shrapnel from becoming lodged in the dough while you roll it.

Utilize it in the exact way you would a rolling pin by moving it to and fro.

Condiment Jar

If nothing else comes to mind, pull your fridge and check inside to see what you can find. Seasoning jars are mostly an extraordinary round form.

If they’re long, too, they could serve well enough as a rolling pin alternative, though some intelligent rolls can get required. If you’re using a condiment jar, ensure the lid shuts so you don’t wind up with a mess up.

Note: Alternative like Plastic pipe can get used in place of a rolling pin. We did not add it to our list since not every homemaker has to access them at the house.

Bottom Line

These were some of the most acceptable rolling pin alternatives available in the kitchen. Ensure to lay a piece of baking parchment between bread and the rolling pin replacement to prevent germs from getting into the former.

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