Are BlenderBottles Dishwasher Safe? Key Factors To Keep In Mind

are blenderbottles dishwasher safe

When you need refreshment during your long morning jogging, BlenderBottle’s shaker cups will satisfy your desire more than enough. Are BlenderBottles dishwasher safe? If you are a user of this awesome traveler’s cup, you should have met this question at least once when you are going to wash things. 

BlenderBottles are an excellent way to carry your favorite drink with you even if you are traveling the country or walking in the suburbs. Many people use these to blend their protein shakes and smoothies finely. In a BlenderBottle, you could identify a ball responsible for making the smoothest drink you have ever had in your life. The brand was founded in 2000. Now it has been a top-most pick in athletes and is being used worldwide, especially in gyms. These best mixing shaker cups have a patent and are now on the shelves of over 90 000 retail stores, including locations in more than 90 countries.

Are BlenderBottles Dishwasher Safe? 

Whether the BlenderBottles gives you an effortless mix of your protein shake when it comes to cleaning after a busy day, we all need the help of the dishwasher. There are certain things that you cannot wash using a dishwasher. Thin plastic made containers, silver, ‘iron, brass, copper, and non-stick pans are some utensils that cannot be washed here. This is because the strong washing agents in the machine can destroy the quality of these materials. 

Are BlenderBottles dishwasher safe? This is a consequential question if you have a traveling or workout buddy from this reputable brand. You have got happy news here! BlenderBottles are dishwasher safe. But there is a certain method you should follow when washing your BlenderBottle in the dishwasher. 

  • You should separate the cup, lid, and Blender Ball first. 
  • Then place the ball in the silverware bin. The cup and lid should go to the top rack. These directions are explained on their official website too. This is to reduce the impact of the heat on the plastic material of the bottle. BlenderBottles cannot survive in high temperatures. 
  • But if there is an insulated cover inside your shaker, you cannot wash it with the dishwasher. Use some warm water and dish soap for this purpose, and gently rub the inside of the bottle. It would be better if you make rest the soap and warm water mixture for a while inside the shaker. An hour would be enough for the best results. Do not use corrosive pads and brushes for rubbing as it may damage the covering. 
  • When hand washing, it is safe to use baking soda and vinegar with your BlenderBottles for the cleaning.
  • Always check your manual before cleaning it for the first time to recognize whether there is a special cleaning method to follow. 
  • If you are dealing with an odor issue, then we suggest that hand cleaning is the more profitable way for you. You can pour in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda and keep it for a few hours before washing. On their website, they have advised to rest it overnight. You should remember to open the lid during the process. 
  • If you want a BlenderBottle that is dishwasher friendly, check the quality when you are purchasing and choose such a design. 
  • Although they have mentioned that the bottle is dishwasher friendly, it would help a lot if you washed the lid by hand if you want to use your BlenderBottle for a long time without wearing it.
  • The manufacturer’s advice is to clean the bottle after every use. It is also denoted that the users should wash the bottles before every refill. This way, you can minimize the odors of your previous drink and last longer. 

How Do I Get Rid of the Odor in My BlenderBottle?

You can use vanilla extract as a fragrance that removes bad odors. For this, you have to pour some drops of vanilla onto a paper towel. You are free to use tissue paper or even a piece of newspaper. After the absorption, you can squash the paper and place it inside the cup. Ensure that you close the lid. Allow it to rest inside for one day. 

You can either use wet coffee or tea leaves to get a natural edible fragrance. For this, you should put the wet coffee powder inside the bottle for 24 hours. Here, you must remember to close the lid tightly. After it rested for the desired time period, you can wash out the powder inside. Next, open the lid and allow some fresh air to move within the cup without closing the lid, and the bad smell will be gone!

What Should you Not Do with a BlenderBottle?

The bottle is not designed to resist warm or too-hot beverages. If you pour in such, the lid will be loosened, and you will spill your drink all over the surrounding. This is because of the additional pressure created by the water vapor inside. 

The same will happen if you shake batters with rising agents like pancake batter, cupcake batter, and waffle batter. 

You cannot carry carbonated drinks in your BlenderBottle as it may end in spilling and creating a mess. 

Are BlenderBottles Microwave Safe?

BlenderBottles cannot be kept inside a microwave. The seal of the bottle does not allow any air exchange. Therefore, when heating, there may be pressure inside, and as that pressure does not have a way to go out, there is a high possibility of spilling the content inside by opening the lid spontaneously. 

Are BlenderBottles Freezer Safe?

The company has officially stated that they have not designed their cups to be kept inside the freezer. If you keep a BlenderBottle in the freezer, the bottle tends to break and spill the drink as there is limited space for the drink to expand. 

It would be better to open the lid if you want to freeze a BlenderBottle with your favorite drink. 


We all agree that BlenderBottle is a fantastic way to carry our drinks wherever we want. But still, there are certain things you should not do with a BlenderBottle. Follow this article to find out those. 

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