My Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting [SORTED]

My air conditioner makes loud noise when starting

Air conditioner sounds are the most noticeable of all challenges. Sound-dampening technology is used in modern HVAC equipment. Although irritating, air conditioner noises might alert you that anything is amiss. When an air conditioner makes loud noise when starting, that is most certainly having a failure or trouble that has to be addressed right once.

It’s vital to figure out what sound your air conditioner is producing as early as possible so you can address problems and extend the life of your unit. Different issues might sometimes generate the same sort of noise; therefore, it’s essential to understand what the varied noises imply.

Why And What To Do If Air Conditioner Makes Loud Noise When Starting

We’ve pulled up a shortlist of some of the AC sounds you could expect.

Why Air Conditioner Rattling And Banging When Starting?

When you start your unit, it makes a loud banging noise, which might indicate that there is debris within. If dirt isn’t the issue, it’s probably a loose fan slamming into the HVAC frame.

If an air conditioner makes loud noise when starting, the vibration might lead the fasteners to loosen with time. It might bang or clank if the metal ducting stretches or shrinks while in operation. If you hear this noise from your device, turn it off.

Why Air Conditioner Screeching when Starting?

The fan motor blades may have cracked if your equipment produces a screaming noise. Switch off the air conditioner because excessive pressure might create an outburst.

Why Air Conditioner Pulsating When Starting?

Because of airflow over the whole system, all air conditioners emit a slight pulsing sound while they operate. When your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting and is anchored by just a polymer platform, the compression movement may allow the overall unit to pulsate, such as the landing pad.

Why Air Conditioner Makes A Hissing Sound When Starting?

A coolant’s leak is just one of the causes of a hissing sound. A compressor valve leak can also cause hissing sounds. It’s a compression fault if a hissing noise gets turned into a screeching noise after a while. High pressure may have raised in the outside air conditioner.

Why Air Conditioner Makes a Clicking Sound When Starting?

Frequent clicking, on the other hand, is not natural. If your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting and turns out to be a clicking noise, but that never turns up, you may have an electrical issue.

The thermostats, compressors, or capacitator might all be damaged in this situation. If the outside unit makes clicking noises, there is most likely a blockage in the blades that have to be cleared.

The other concern is the capacitor’s power evaporating over time. If it occurs, the battery will be unable to charge the compressors; then, you will notice a clicking noise as the outside unit tries vainly to switch on. Shut off the device straight away if you observe little sparks with the sounds. We suggest turning off the air conditioner and contacting experts to have your property inspected to verify there isn’t a problem that might result in property damage.

Why Air Conditioner Makes a Whistling Sound When Starting?

This is not a noise you would like to witness when your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting at any time. Your air filters are clogged, preventing air from passing through. Whistling noises would be produced by air moving through openings. As you encounter this noise, be sure you switch off the unit. The remedy is to enclose the ducting correctly.

Why Air Conditioner Makes A Humming Sound When Starting?

The device is clogged with debris if your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting. A machine that needs oil will make a humming sound at first. If blade coils become bent, they can produce humming noises. We could solve this problem by straightening the curved coil blades with a metal clip.

Why Air Conditioner Makes a Cracking Sound When Starting?

The blades in your HVAC unit’s condenser might freeze if the thermostat is kept low and humidity is not flowing correctly. The cracking sound of ice falling from one of these coils echoes throughout the system.

Why Air Conditioner Makes a Buzzing Sound When Starting

If an air conditioner makes loud noise when starting, it’s most probably broken. The compressor needs to be replaced. If there are any weak pieces in the Ac unit, they might generate shaking and buzzing sounds when it is working.

A faulty capacitor might stop the motor from switching on, resulting in a buzzing sound caused by friction. A defective motor could also cause buzzing. A buzzing noise might be caused by clogs around the metal lines that connect to your AC or by copper cables grinding against one other. The air conditioner makes loud noise when starting but takes no action simply due to a defective circuit.

Why Air Conditioner Bubbling & Gurgling?

A bubbling sound is produced as the air gets caught inside the coolant pipes. On top of the hissing noise, the refrigerant leak might make a bubbling noise. The remedy is to insulate the lines correctly. High humidity in the air conditioner might cause bubbling sounds. So, when the condenser pump fails, you have the same problem.

Why Air Condioner Dripping?

A drip pan might flood if there is a lot of dampness. You’ll realize a dripping sound as the frost out from the freezing spiral breaks.


As you can see, there are many possible causes if your air conditioner makes loud noise when starting. Many of the reasons mentioned above require the help of professionals. For a quick diagnosis, turn to the officials. We don’t suggest attempting to fix any of the problems described here unless the cleaner is the source of the noise.


Why would my air conditioner sound like it’s blowing through a wind turbine?

If an air cleaner is unclean, wind sounds might originate from the inside unit. Ensure there are no obstacles in the air intake.

What does my air conditioner sound much like a fighter jet?

This indicates that the air conditioner’s impeller is most likely malfunctioning. Your ac system’s motor is its beating heart.

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